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Smart Trading Club provides various online tools for timely trading signals, trading research, trading alerts, and practicing trading skills for stocks and ETFs by identifying the patterns of price movement.

Trading Signals and Price Forecast

Trading signals and price forecast for stocks and ETFs are updated every 10 minutes.

Trading Alerts

  1. Oversold - stocks and ETFs that are oversold and about to rebound.
  2. Overbought - stocks and ETFs that are overbought and about to correct.
  3. Pullback - a pullback (usually an one-day brief reversal of the trend) happening in 1-3 trading days.
  4. Rebound - a quick rebound (usually an one-day brief reversal of the trend) happening in 1-3 trading days.
  5. Stock top gainers and lossers by day, week and month.
  6. ETF top gainers and losers by day, week and month.

Trading Research

  1. US stock market fundamentals - risk appetite, volatility divergence/convergence, ression concerns and the trend of the world stock market.
  2. Market internal strength - the percentages of stocks reversing to uptrend/downtrend.
  3. The wave structures of stock and ETFs.
  4. The best time to trade a stock or ETF.

Tools for Improving Trade Skills

A good way to practice and improve your trading skills is to go back in time to see whether you'll make the right trading decisions for the past trading days.

Pick a ticker from the list, then click "Trading Intelligence" to start.

Learn the process of making trading decision.

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