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     Mon. Jul. 20, 2020

Trading Signals: SNGX Stock Price Prediction and Forecast (Tue. Apr. 1, 2003 - Fri. Sep. 18, 2020)

(Soligenix, Inc.)

SNGX latest price $2.5550 (15.87%) ($2.0000 - $2.6000) on Mon. Jul. 20, 2020.

Trend and Trading Plan

Trend Narrative  Growing Uptrend
Intraday Reversal Probability  N/A.
Daily Trend  SNGX advances 6.3% a day on average for past five trading days.
Weekly Trend  SNGX advances 5.4% a week on average for past two weeks.
Market Behavior  Rotation from value to growth for large cap. Value stock sell-off for small cap.
Correlated ETFs  Broad market will support SNGX advance at 2% a week (20% probability)
  VCSH(22%)    XLE(21%)    XOP(21%)    EWI(19%)    IWN(19%)  
Factors Impacting SNGX price  SNGX will advance at least 0.4% in a week (12% probabilities).
  VXX(-15%)    VIXM(-12%)    UUP(-11%)    IBB(-9%)    TLT(-8%)  
Explanation   The rally is sustainable and supported by the broad market.
Trading Plan  Not Available
Valuation to SPY   2.7
Relative Volatility   2.8
Hourly Trend   4.5% [$2.32(0.14), $2.22(0.12)]
Last Hour Trend   2.08% [$2.4, $2.35]

SNGX Next 1 - 5 Day Price Forecast

Bullish Probability  95%
Bullish Price Move  5.1%
Bearish Probability  5%
Bearish Price Move  -5.1%
Recommended Position Size  18%
Latest Price  $2.5550
Next Day Open Price  $2.66(4.16%)
1 - 3 Day Target Price  $2.62(2.5%)
1 - 5 Day Price Range  $2.44 - $2.66
Inflection Point  Yes
Support Level  $2.05
5 Day Moving Average  $2.2(16.14%)
10 Day Moving Average  $2.12(20.52%)
20 Day Moving Average  $2.05(24.63%)
To recent high  0%
To recent low  82.5%
Market Cap  $73m
Option Sentiment  
Earning Release Date  Thu. Nov. 5, 2020
Analyst One Year Target Price  $4.75 ($3.00 - $7.25)
  3 analysts (last updated on Thu. Aug. 1, 2019)
% to Average Target Price  85.91%
% to Low Target Price  17.42%
% to High Target Price  183.76%


Soligenix, Inc. is a late-stage biopharmaceutical company, which engages in the development and commercialization of products to treat rare disease. It operates through Specialized BioTherapeutics and Public Health Solutions segments. The Specialized BioTherapeutics segment focuses in the development of a novel photodynamic therapy (SGX301) utilizing topical synthetic hypericin activated with safe visible fluorescent light for the treatment of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. The Public Health Solutions solutions comprises active development programs for RiVax, ricin toxin vaccine candidate and SGX943, a therapeutic candidate for antibiotic resistant and emerging infectious disease. The company was founded in 1987 and is headquartered Princeton, NJ.

March 23, 2020 On March 23, 2020, Soligenix, Inc. (NASDAQ:SNGX) announced an expansion of the ongoing collaboration with the University of Hawaii at Manoa to develop potential coronavirus vaccines, including one against SARS-CoV-2 to prevent COVID-19. Soligenix has performed extensive work on vaccines targeting other viruses in collaboration with the University of Hawaii, the University of Colorado, and Hawaii Biotech, Inc. That work has demonstrated efficacy in using a surface protein from other viruses (e.g., ebola), adjuvanting them, and thermostabilizing them. SARS-CoV-2, and other betacoronaviruses, have spike proteins on the surface that aids in viral entry and antibodies to that protein could prevent viral entry.

$. Technical analysis works only if the market conditions in the future are not drastically different from the past. Always read market news to understand the causes of the price movement before making a trading decision. News

$. SNGX price fluctuates within 7.8% (three month std-dev: 5.09%    one year average std_dev: 0%) daily (68% of days).
$. SNGX price fluctuates within 0% weekly (one year average std_dev: %).

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  >  20200820

iDateTo High-Lowema20
CloseActualPriceRangeTrend-Narrative  NextDay
1Jul_20_20200.2%-82.9% 5%,0.6(0.3)5.4%,0.7(0.6)6.3%,,NAN%)2.12.11   2.56(15.87%)2-2.6Growing Uptrend 2.62(2.5%)2.44-2.6765
2Jul_17_2020-2.2%-57.9% 3.3%,0.5(0.1)0.8%,0.1(0.3)1.5%,,NAN%)20.61   2.21(2.08%)2.17-2.25Growing Uptrend 2.22(0.64%)2.17-2.2448
3Jul_16_2020-4.4%-54.3% 1.9%,0.3(0.1)-0.5%,-0.1(0.1)1.5%,0.22.10%1.5%1.20.6-0.3(6.5%,NAN%)1.80.49   2.16(0.23%)2.06-2.24N/A 2.12(-1.71%)2.07-2.1753
4Jul_15_2020-4.4%-54.3% 1.6%,0.2(0.2)-1.2%,-0.2(0)1%,,NAN%)1.80.88   2.16(11.08%)1.94-2.16N/A 2.11(-2.44%)2.04-2.1662
5Jul_14_2020-14.2%-38.6% 0.6%,0.1(0)-1.3%,-0.2(-0.3)-1%,-0.2-0.90%1.5%-0.2-0.7-1.1(6.12%,NAN%)1.30.68   1.94(1.57%)1.86-1.97Correction 1.88(-3%)1.87-1.9357
6Jul_13_2020-15.5%-36.4% 0.3%,0(0.2)0.8%,0.1(-0.5)-1.5%,-0.2-0.30%2.6%-0.4-0.7-1.2(6.12%,NAN%)10.61   1.91(-5.91%)1.91-2.08Range Bound 1.92(0.41%)1.93-1.9159
7Jul_10_2020-10.2%-45% -0.2%,-0(-0.1)3.4%,0.6(0.1)1.5%,0.2-0.60%4.6%0.7-0.1-0.9(6.15%,NAN%)1.30.35   2.03(0.5%)1.98-2.08Uptrend Reversal 2.07(1.97%)2.04-2.0959
8Jul_10_2020-10.2%-45% -0.4%,-0.1(-0.1)3.7%,0.6(0.1)1.5%,0.2-0.60%4.1%0.6-0.1-0.9(6.12%,NAN%)1.30.35   2.03(0%)1.98-2.08Uptrend Reversal 2.07(1.96%)2.04-2.0964
9Jul_9_2020-10.6%-44.3% -1.3%,-0.2(-0.1)4.3%,0.7(-0.1)0%,01.20%4.1%0.6-0.1-1(6.15%,NAN%)10.35   2.02(-2.88%)2-2.1N/A 2.02(-0.02%)1.97-2.0664
10Jul_8_2020-8%-52.9% -1%,-0.2(-0.1)4.8%,0.8(0)0%,00.60%3.6%1.10.2-1(6.15%,NAN%)1.10.48   2.08(1.96%)2.02-2.14N/A 2.06(-0.85%)1.99-2.1250
11Jul_7_2020-9.7%-50% -0.3%,-0(-0.2)4.7%,0.7(-0.1)-2%,-0.3-0.60%2.1%0.70-0.8(6.67%,NAN%)10.66   2.04(7.37%)1.9-2.1N/A 2.03(-0.25%)1.98-2.0850
12Jul_6_2020-15.9%-39.7% 0.7%,0.1(-0.1)5.5%,0.8(-0.1)-1.9%,-0.3-1.50%1%-0.4-1-0.6(7.14%,NAN%)1.10.74   1.9(-3.06%)1.9-2.07Uptrend 1.93(1.41%)1.91-1.9350
13Jul_2_2020-13.3%-44.1% 1.8%,0.3(0)6.2%,0.9(0.1)1%,0.1-1.80%0%-0.1-0.4-0.8(7.11%,NAN%)1.20.84   1.96(-2.49%)1.94-2.08Uptrend 2(2.04%)1.96-2.0250
14Jul_1_2020-11.1%-47.8% 1.6%,0.2(0.1)5.3%,0.8(0.3)1%,0.1-0.30%-1%0.30-0.9(7.11%,NAN%)0.91.45   2.01(-4.74%)1.96-2.19Uptrend 2.04(1.63%)2-2.0650
15Jun_30_2020-6.6%-55.1% 1%,0.1(0.2)3.2%,0.4(0.5)3.6%,0.52.70%-2%10.8-0.9(7.11%,NAN%)0.41.34   2.11(-4.95%)2.01-2.27Uptrend 2.13(0.87%)2.08-2.1550
16Jun_29_2020-1.8%-63.2% -0.7%,-0.1(0.2)-0.1%,-0(0.4)3.1%,0.43.30%-3.1%1.91.7-1(7.14%,NAN%)0.42.66   2.22(6.22%)2.12-2.47Rebound 2.06(-7.39%)2.23-1.9850
17Jun_26_2020-7.5%-53.7% -2%,-0.3(0.1)-3.2%,-0.5(0.4)3.8%,0.61.50%-3.6%1.20.9-1.4(6.7%,NAN%)0.14.27   2.09(10.58%)1.91-2.2Downtrend Consolidation 2.06(-1.26%)2.03-2.0850
18Jun_25_2020-16.4%-39% -2.7%,-0.4(-0.1)-6%,-0.9(0.2)1.1%,0.200%-4.1%-0.3-0.7-1.5(6.74%,NAN%)0.20.47   1.89(1.07%)1.79-1.91Downtrend Consolidation 1.87(-0.93%)1.91-1.8650
19Jun_24_2020-17.3%-37.5% 0%,0(-0.1)0%,0(-0)1.1%,0.20.30%-4.6%-0.5-0.7-1.7(6.7%,NAN%)00.63   1.87(3.89%)1.79-1.93Range Bound 1.88(0.6%)1.9-1.8750
20Jun_23_2020-20.4%-32.4% 0%,0(-0.2)0%,0(-0.2)-1.1%,-0.20.60%-4.1%-1.1-1.5-1.5(7.18%,NAN%)0.10.74   1.8(-4.26%)1.69-1.98Range Bound 1.83(1.45%)1.86-1.850
21Jun_22_2020-16.8%-38.2% 0%,0(-0.2)0%,0(-0.2)-1.1%,-0.20.30%-3.6%-0.6-0.9-1.5(7.11%,NAN%)0.31.09   1.88(6.21%)1.78-2.02Range Bound 1.9(0.8%)1.91-1.8850
22Jun_19_2020-21.7%-30.1% 0%,0(-0.1)0%,0(-0.2)-1.1%,-0.2-1.20%-2.5%-1.5-1.4-0.8(7.07%,NAN%)-0.10.38   1.77(0.57%)1.76-1.88Range Bound 1.8(1.91%)1.85-1.7750
23Jun_18_2020-22.1%-29.4% 0%,0(-0.1)0%,0(-0.1)-1.6%,-0.2-1.50%-1%-1.6-1.5-0.7(7.04%,NAN%)-0.30.29   1.76(-1.68%)1.74-1.9Range Bound 1.8(2.06%)1.84-1.7650
24Jun_17_2020-20.8%-31.6% 0%,0(-0.1)0%,0(-0.1)-2.6%,-0.4-0.30%0.5%-1.4-1.3-0.8(7.04%,NAN%)-0.71.37   1.79(-5.29%)1.72-1.93Range Bound 1.82(1.55%)1.86-1.7850
25Jun_16_2020-16.4%-39% 4.3%,0.5(-0.1)-1.1%,-0.1(-0)-3%,-0.40.30%2%-0.6-0.8-0.4(8.08%,NAN%)-0.70.53   1.89(-4.06%)1.86-2.05Correction 1.83(-3.23%)1.81-1.8944
iDateTo High-Lowema20
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  5 Day
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