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     Fri Aug 14 2020

BYND: Trading Intelligence: Practice Trading Skills

A good way to practice and improve your trading skills for BYND is to go back in time to see whether you'll make the right trading decisions for the past trading days. Here's a list of 5 trading days randomly generated from past 2 years for BYND.

Click Daily Chart, and Weekly Chart links to see the charts for the selected date. Click News link to see the market news before that date. Click Computer's Predication link to see the predications from Smart Trading Club's AI system. Click Submit button at the bottom of the page to see your test scores.

Refresh the page to see 5 new random dates.

1. Tue Jan 28 2020         Daily Chart   Weekly Chart   News   Computer's Predication

STD Dev: 5.61%    Change -3.71%    Open 120.0500    Close 120.0500    Low 120.0500    High 120.0500

a. Select your predicted price for next day open.

b. Select your predicted price for next day close.

c. Select your predicted price for next day low

d. Select your predicted price for next day high.

e. Select your predicted close price 5 days from now.

f. Select your predicted low price in next 5 days.

g. Select your predicted high price in next 5 days.

h. Select your predicted trend pattern (trend line direction) for next 5 days.
Strong downtrend.    Downtrend.    Range bound.    Uptrend.    Strong uptrend.    

2. Wed Dec 31 1969         Daily Chart   Weekly Chart   News   Computer's Predication

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